Last Update: Tue Feb 08 17:35:07 -0600 2011

Installing FasterCSV

RubyGems is the preferred easy install method for FasterCSV. However, you can install FasterCSV manually as described below.

Installing the Gem

FasterCSV is intended to be installed via the RubyGems system. To get the latest version, simply enter the following into your command prompt:

        $ sudo gem install fastercsv

You must have RubyGems installed for the above to work.

If you want to build the gem locally, make sure you have Rake installed then run the following command:

  $ rake package

Running the Tests

If you would like to run FasterCSV‘s test suite on your system before installing and you have Rake installed, just issue the following command from the root of the project directory:

  $ rake

If you do not have rake, use the following command instead:

  $ ruby -I lib:test test/ts_all.rb